Jumpstart Your Startup - Part Ii

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If you want to be in the ecommerce business and you just cannot wait, we have written a two part a down and dirty list of the most important things you have to do to get your foot in the door. It is not pretty and it is not going to win you the business person of the year award but it will get the job done. Read Part I first then finish up with these marketing techniques.

Figure out who your competitors are. Do not be silly enough to think that whatever you are selling is too unique to have competition. Everyone has competition, even if it is only for something related. For example, when Apple invented the iPod, their competition was all the people who were using CD players and could not figure out why they should pay so much money for a storage device.

Once you find some competitors, match yourself up with the ones that are most like you and figure out who the best of those are; start benchmarking yourself against them. Study their website content, product descriptions, prices, deals, shipping offers and so on. Learn what they are doing well and then you can figure out how to do it better. This is the beauty of the Internet. The marketing intelligence is all out there for the taking. The smart people know how to get it and act on it. That is why you can succeed even if you are one of thousands selling the same product. You just need to be one of the two dozen who are good at it.

Set up Google Alerts for a variety of keywords related to your business as well as alerts for your competitors names and your own name. This strategy allows you to keep up with any changes in your area of interest. Be sure you use the as it happens option so you get info as soon as it is fresh.

Start a blog on your website. If you are not sure what to write about, the best thing to write about is yourself and how you personally relate to your products. You need to personalize the products so that people understand you and like you and in traveling down that oath, come to like and want your products as well.
Use Twitter Grader to find high powered twitter users in your arena. Build relationships with these people. Find and follow their blogs. Contribute to their blogs. Ask them to contribute to your blog.

Create a Linked in Profile. Go to the Answers section and start answering questions in order to build reputation.

Get a Facebook page and start building contacts.

Install an analytics program (try Google Analytics first) and monitor the traffic on your site. Look at keywords figure out how people are finding you.

Use the analytics info to begin experimenting with Google Adwords with a limited budget until you see how it works for you.
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Jumpstart Your Startup - Part Ii

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This article was published on 2011/01/20