How to Make a Six Figure Income

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Do you want to make a six figure income? It is hard to find a soul who doesn't. There was a time when only the sons of the rich or only the high profile corporate magnets could earn that much a year. But times have changed now. Making six figures has become easier and a lot of people now earn above 100K every year. Here are the simple steps for this success.

Choose a Proper Career

This is the first step to making a six figure income. Now even athletes and actors earn over six figures every year, but there it is mostly a case of luck. It is therefore better and much safer to opt for a career that has the figure of $100,000 as standard salaries.

Surprisingly, there are many such careers in the United States that pay these salaries. Managers, researchers and experienced designers are some of the most top paid professionals of the country. Some of the career titles that pay really well are health care administrator, higher education administrator, marketing manager, HR director, biotech researcher, engineer and IT manager.

Earn a Degree

Once you have decided which field you want to go to, its time to choose a degree that will help you achieve your dreams in that career. If you want to start making 100K a year, then you need to have some education of that sort. The only way you are going to get into a job that pays 100K every year is if you at least complete your bachelors. Getting a professional school credential is even better.

The best part about these degrees is that a lot of them are also available through online courses. This makes it possible for even working adults to participate in these programs.


Do you want to know how to make a six figure income? Well then the best way is to make contacts in the field you are interested in. People do not make a six figure income sitting at home. As is the case in many fields now, it does not matter what you know but who you know.

Networking is the main way you can gain recognition in your field at the early stages. It gets you noticed. Also your first big promotion or job can also depend on how well you connect with people. You can be very good in your job but if you don't connect with the professionals, they will not acknowledge you. So don't forget to network.

Leadership Skills

It is very important in the current economic situation for companies to get good leaders. This is why they would pay astronomical figures for anybody who can manage their teams and get work done.

In fact, Aubrey McClendon is the highest paid CEO according to a 2008 survey. He gets $112.5 million from his employer, Chesapeake Energy Corp. It is not however that only CEOs can get this much money. You can be a nonprofit administrator or an entrepreneur and still get that amount of money. You just need to work hard.

Follow these few steps and you will soon make a six figure income.

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How to Make a Six Figure Income

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This article was published on 2010/11/12