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All long been aware of the fact that most of the weaknesses of any piece you can easily hide with clothes, but how to choose clothes for the figure? Everyone wants to look beautiful and elegant, but not everyone knows what outfit best suited for them. We in this article offer you some useful tips on choosing the right clothes for the figure! 
Let's start. If you have too broad shoulders, it is not recommended to hide under their clothes http://www.flanmark.com/Women all the body, but to the well better add some larger stones. For example, you can choose some bright ribbon or tape on the stand-out dress. But from the broad, long tops and clothing that has puffed sleeves have to be abandoned. Especially if you're used to wearing them in conjunction with a narrow skirt or trousers. This manner of dress is yet more accentuate broad shoulders.

If you have wide hips, it is best to choose dresses and skirts to the knee. And the skirt must be free to hide the contours of the thighs. Neck and chest, on the contrary, it is worth emphasizing tight top, it will attract additional attention to the waist.

Complete hands easily hide in the wide sleeves and a thin, translucent tissue. Suit various scarves, shawls, ponchos.

Choose clothes, if you have a small stature is not a problem. Solid dress FLANMARK.COM, slinky shape will make you irresistible. Winning element will also be a good tissue (eg, velvet), and jewelry that will draw attention to the head and face.

To hide the extra weight, choose a simple cut dresses, which are ideally would smooth all the disadvantages of your figure. Particular attention should be paid to the waist line. Such clothing will make you look slimmer and more visually.

Hide excessive thinness and give your figure femininity and charm can be with bright colors and what some unusual patterns. Loose sleeves, such as lace or lace at the waist visually increase the volume. "Sticky" fabrics are best avoided, as they further emphasize your slim hips.

Adjust the upper body can also be using the correct choice of clothing FLANMARK.COM on the figure. For example, holders of "heavy" bust is best to choose clothing with a cut on the top. The best option here would be a deep, preferably V-neck. Lace fabric and wide skirts also help reduce the visual top. But the "sticky" and hard tissue as well as over-decorated top to dress produce the opposite effect, and nothing good will not add your figure.

Owners of small breasts, too, do not worry. Clothing, top of which is lavishly decorated with lace or ruffles will help visually to give your breasts extra volume.

Well, be sure to choose the right clothes for the figure and always look feminine and elegant is not difficult? Ah, yes, to shop for a new wardrobe!

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Hide figure flaws

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This article was published on 2011/01/13