Choosing a Dress to Suit your Figure

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Have you ever had the experience of seeing a beautiful dress on a hanger and taking it into a dressing room to try it on? Five minutes later you walk back out again, disappointed and deflated after realising it just wasn’t made with you in mind.

If this sounds familiar you are not on your own – the same story has been played out in many a changing room up and down the country over time. However it is possible to reduce the number of times it occurs by focusing on your figure first, rather than focusing on the dresses you happen to see.

The worst thing you can do is to find a gorgeous dress being worn by someone else and immediately rush out to buy it for yourself. Unless you happen to have a very similar figure to them, the chances are it won’t work for you. This is the secret to successfully buying exactly the right clothes for you; you need to find the cuts that flatter your figure in all the right places. If they accentuate the bits you don’t want to highlight, they won’t work for you at all.

So how do you find the right dress for your needs, no matter what the occasion might be?

The trick is to be aware of the kind of body shape you have. You may have heard of people talking about apples, pears and other body shapes that commonly occur. If you can figure out which one of these applies to you, you will be able to go shopping for the right kinds of dresses that flatter those figures instead of enhancing the bits that tend to stand out!

Darker colours tend to do well on the lower half of a pear shaped woman, so this can mean darker dresses are more flattering than lighter ones. If you wear a light coloured dress you could end up making your lower half look bigger than it is.

In contrast the apple shaped woman will have a larger waist and consequently a dress that will accentuate other parts of her figure will be a better choice. This should draw the eye further from her waist while seeming to give her a curvier figure. As you can see, if you have an understanding of your own figure you can avoid the currently popular dresses and go for ones that will fit with how your body has been put together.

It doesn’t matter whether you opt for long dresses, a sleek black number, a maxi dress or anything else besides. Whatever you pick it should appeal to your body shape. You’ll know whether you have got it right or not because when you try it on you will feel like a million dollars!

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Choosing a Dress to Suit your Figure

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This article was published on 2010/12/04